September 27, 2023

Y M L P-218

Financial Matter Oriented

Company Formation and Registered Office

One of the four important documents of company formation is Memorandum of Association. The clauses included in this document are: the company’s name, where the registered office of the company is situated (in England, Wales or Scotland); and what it will do (its objects). The object of a company may simply be to carry on business as a general commercial company. This article deals with registered office.

As mentioned above, company formation in the UK necessitates one to have a registered office. This office is basically an address that is used for official correspondence. This office remains registered with the Companies House. All the posts meant for the company are sent to this office. The company sectary is supposed to run the office and respond to the posts sent to him. Company law in the UK has set a few dos and don’ts connected with this office.

Company formation law in the UK says that the registered office of a company should be within the places that are approved for the purpose. It is not that one can have the office anywhere in the UK, if he is running his business there. In case the business is run in England, the office should be somewhere there. On the other hand, if the business in run in Wales, the registered office should be within the jurisdiction of this places.

Those who are engaged in company formation should also be informed about the fact that the name of the company should be displayed in front of the office. All the stationeries of the company should have the address of the registered office labeled on them. Moreover, if any changes made in the address of the office, the companies House should be informed about it. These are the formalities connected with registered office. In order to form a company, one should take care of all these formalities.