November 29, 2022

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Tips to Get Necessary Assistance If You Are Arrested For DUI

For those who have been arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol, they must get an expert immediately to guide them through the procedures like going to court to defend them. A DUI attorney will have all the knowledge needed to protect the accused and get them the best possible deal. houston texas dwi lawyer will check and see if all the individual rights were observed, and this may be important when it is time to go to court.

The accused will often know that he is guilty, but an expert will rarely advise him to confess to this in the police station or the court. Although it may be the right thing to do, this is not what the expert is there for. He will advise the best way to reduce the sentence or punishment and will act accordingly.

For those who have been accused of falsely or those unaware that they were over the limit, the outcome can be devastating. Lost licenses or criminal records are the fastest way to halt a promising career in its tracks. What company would want to support someone who has killed or maimed another human being? However, this problem is just the fallout from the initial arrest. The expert will be trying to defeat even before a court case is on the horizon.

Proper Procedure

When the accused is arrested, the police have to observe specific rules like quoting the ‘Miranda’ clause to them. They do not, in fact, even have to undergo those embarrassing roadside tests that everyone sees on the reality TV shows. Instead, they can request to undergo the proper urine and blood tests at the police station, which will give them some time to contact their expert to come along and witness what goes on. This will also give their body time to process the alcohol if they had indeed imbibed, which may take them below the legal limit.

Once the accused is officially arrested, then naturally, a court case is inevitable. But the professional will often be able to garner a deal whereby the accused can undergo some alcohol treatment in exchange for some public service. This is particularly useful in accidents where no one was damaged. Since courts are usually backed up with unheard cases, if the accused can speed this process up, the court will look a little more kindly on his predicament.

However, it is inevitable for habitual offenders that the license to drive will be confiscated at some point. This can dent the day to day life routines of any individual and may even cost some people their jobs. On top of this, there may be a fine or prison sentence, which means that this individual will now have a criminal record making him virtually a pariah in the world of employment. This is where the expert is needed to reduce any punishment or fine to the accused and maybe save his career.