October 3, 2023

Y M L P-218

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Increasing Demand of Per diem Nursing Jobs  in Arkansas

Travel nurses getting healthy pay

Per diem nurses are increasing in number since nurses are in demand in every corner of the world due to the pandemic that hit the world. Different nursing jobs are available and nurses can easily choose which one fits them. Some nurses prefer a regular job while some prefer a flexible schedule. There are lots of trusted per diem nursing jobs in Arkansas and the increasing demand for per diem nursing jobs in Arkansas is continuous. 

What are the roles of per diem nurses?

The main role of per diem nurses is to act as replacements for nurses who were not able to appear on their shift for personal reasons or emergencies. To fill in their post per diem nurses are assigned to cover their shift. AS from the word “per diem” which means per day, per diem nurses can work for half a shift, full shift, or a day depending on how long they are needed by the medical facility they will be assigned to. Per diem nurse usually performs the duties and responsibilities of the nurses they are covering for. The purpose of hiring per diem nurses is to avoid a shortage of staff which can result in inefficiency of the service given to patients. 

How many hours a week do per diem nurses work? 

The shift that is given to per diem nurses depends on the need of the facility. For instance, if they need a nurse for an eight or twelve-hour shift then the per diem nurse should work that long. However, there are situations when they need to extend on the shift given to them. Or there are also cases when nurses are needed for the season, so per diem nurses can work the whole shift on a given schedule within a month.

What are the advantages of being a per diem nurse? 

There are several pros in working as a per diem nurse that’s why some nurses prefer per diem to getting regular employment. 

Flexible Schedule

Per diem nursing jobs are perfect for nurses who want to pursue their careers and have time for things to do what they love best. Since they can just take assignments if they are free, per diem nurses can decline assignments if they think they will not fit their schedule. This means they are free to play on their schedule. Another good thing about being a per diem nurse is you can take a long break if you wish and still their profession remains active. They can go back to work if they think they are ready again. 

Have Work and Life Balance 

One of the most difficult things to do is balancing work and life. Some say without work you can not have a life since to be able to have accomplishments you need money to make it happen. In a per diem job, you can be able to earn and still pursue your hobbies or things that matter most to you. For instance, per diem nurses get higher pay which means they can still earn enough money to cover their finances and have free time to do their hobbies. 

Higher Pay 

Per diem nurses get a higher hourly rate compared with regular nurses. Having a higher pay per diem nurse with enough assignments can equate to the pay regular nurses make in a year despite the differences in schedule and hours of work. Another good thing about per diem nurses is they can get their pay immediately right after the shift. 

More Job Opportunities 

Per diem nursing jobs can be a good way to get more exposure in handling tasks in different medical facilities and different departments. This means nurses can be able to broaden their skills as well as increase their knowledge. 


The increasing demand for per diem nursing jobs in Arkansas gives more opportunities for nurses. Learning the facts about per diem nurse jobs in Arkansas can help you have an idea of what to expect in getting per diem jobs. Reading the benefits alone can prevent you from thinking twice about applying as a per diem nurse. Grab the opportunity to work as a per diem nurse while it is still in demand and it can help you achieve your career goal as a nurse.